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Visit Germany: Koln

I would like to share with you some tips for you to enjoy about the amazing Koln, Germany!

1) Go by train. 

If you are a Belgian busy bee without a free time: the best option is to go by Thalys, this way you can relax, enjoy the landscape and don't get frustrated about the amount of traffic. Furthermore, the Koln station is very central and near the most important tourist hot spots, as the famous Cathedral.

2) Welcome to Merzenich

Merzenich is absolutely my favorite bakery, it's so good to chill there drinking a coffee and eating their amazing  appelstrudel! It's like heaven! 

3) Take a padlock. 

Crossing the Hohenzollern Bidge, over the Rhive river, we can find tons of padlocks attached to the railings by couples in love. So, if you are going on a romantic trip with your cutie one, don't forget your locker! 

4) Visit to the bars along the canal. 

Along the canal, next to the Bridge, we can find several good bars and restaurants, the perfect place to chill, enjoy the view and order a delicious sausages with chucrute and a glass of German beer.

Would you like to share with us your own travel tips about Koln? Just leave your comment! I'm looking forward to read it!