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Scandinavian Design

First of all, long life to the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden!

My passion for Scandinavian design goes beyond design, it is also a lifestyle. I can affirm this as the history of this movement matches with my personal beliefs. Minimalist, simple, functional, and affordable are not just design trends, but also a way to express the social democratic spirit, which emerged after the Second World War in this countries. The right to have a beautiful place to live were no longer exclusively destinated for the wealthiest people: it should also be affordable to the rest of the population. 

Based on my political and personal views I decided to immerse myself during the last months in the universe of Scandinavian Design, from Finn Juhl, who introduced Denish design to the world on the 50's, to the brothers Lassen. The result of the experiment was to decorate my own home and to rediscover my style. I would like to inspire you to do the same, studying and exploring new ways, to construct and reconstruct the environment and ideas inside and outside you. I'm sure that you will feel much better when your thoughts gets aligned with your surroundings.  

Based on this passion I created Scandinavian.Casa, an Instagram account to share and my routine and interaction with the interior design of my home, from coffee making to details of my furniture.


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