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Yase: vegan cosmetics

Hello folks!

As you probably know - if you follow my Instagram account -  I'm studying the side effects of some chemical components used by the beauty industry. As a result, I'm happy to explore new natural and vegan brands (even though I'm not vegan). One of the brands I'm currently testing is Yase, a really cool and engaged company, for 7 years they’ve searched for the highest quality natural botanical and mineral resources to create their cosmetics. 

I am love especially with the Yase serum and the day cream, both are produced exclusively with mineral and organic ingredients, ideal for those with allergies or with a sensitive skin (yes, I do)Amazing, isn't it? The products must be kept in the refrigerator and have a shelf life of 3 months. My advice: share the product with another person who lives with you, because, at least in my case, there is still a lot of cream left inside the package even after the expiration date. 

If you also would like to study about the red lists of chemical components on cosmetics I strongly advise you to start by reading the website of the Campaign Safe for Cosmetics, which was created by the Brest Cancer Prevention Partners. 

Yase: vegan cosmetics

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