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Hello folks!

Welcome back to my article series, crafted in partnership with the Tourism Department of Leuven. I'm thrilled to continue our journey through Leuven’s vibrant arts and culture scene, this time spotlighting the M – Museum Leuven, affectionately known as M. Since its opening in 2009, M has not just been a museum; it’s been a dynamic centre of community life. Boasting an impressive collection of over 46,000 works, M bridges the gap between the late Gothic period and the expressive 19th century. Here, art enthusiasts can marvel at the works of Jan Rombouts the Elder, Josse van der Baren, and Flemish masters like Constantin Meunier and Jef Lambeaux.

Leuven Museum

What sets M apart is its role as a cultural hub in Leuven. The museum extends beyond its walls into its gardens, which become a lively venue for free events, including cinema under the stars, concerts, and activities for kids, in the summer. It’s a place where art, community, and diversity converge, making M a beacon of cultural engagement in the city.

For the latest on what’s happening at M or to plan your visit, check out the M-Museum website. It’s your gateway to a rich cultural experience that’s deeply intertwined with the community spirit of Leuven.


Check the M-Museum website for more practical information

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