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A Secret Lavender Field Hidden in Belgium

Hello folks!

Sometimes all we need is a relaxing weekend break, to enjoy the spring flowers and the glorious sunshine, but not all of us can go to the French Provance every weekend. Thankfully there is a small field of lavender hidden in Limburg, waiting to be discovered. With the fullest blooms occurring from early June to September, you should already share the good news with your family and friends. 

The province of Limburg is renowned for its beautiful nature, lakes and farms. However, the most part of the tourists and expats have never been to the lovely lavender field of Strokrooie-Hasselt. The Limburg Lavendel, as it's called in Dutch, is very small, but also very charming. Besides seeing the lavender you can also walk through the labyrinth of roses and enjoy the cafeteria, which offers some very interesting drinks, like Lavender Gin and Lavender jenever.

I'm so happy that Christian and I discovered this place. Although Limburg Lavender is not so far from Leuven, I could really enjoy the country atmosphere, like if I was on a real vacation. I do believe that in the chaotic modern life we have to balance with spending time in nature. So many researchers are proving the health benefits of it. I hope you enjoy those fields as much as I did!

Address: Olmenbosstraat 25
3511 Stokrooie-Hasselt
Admission: free
Summer and Easter holidays:
From 1 June to 30 September
Sundays and holidays: 10 am to 8 pm
Mondays to Saturdays: 1 pm to 8 pm
Closed on Fridays

For more information visit their website

You can see more photos of my trips on Instagram and videos on Youtube

Limburg Lavendel

Limburg Lavendel

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