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Lago di Como | Italy

Hello folks, 

The Lago di Como, northern Italy, is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. The cities across the lake are so wonderful that they were chosen by George Luca as the setting for Naboo in Star Wars. 

It was a damp day in July when I escaped the noisy Milano to enjoy the fresh air of the Lago di Como. I've decided to hop on the train to Varenna and it took me around 2 hours. Varenna has less than one thousand inhabitants and it's known by the Villa Monastero, which was an old Cistercian nunnery founded in the XXII century. In 1600 the monastery was sold and transformed in to a private village. Nowadays the village belongs to the province and since 2014 the 14 rooms of the glorious complex are open for visitors. The greatest attraction of the Villa is the botanic garden, I've seen thousands of different species of trees and flowers, from African palms to Lebanese orange trees. It's truly beautiful. Furthermore, people can also rent the venue for events and art expositions.

After walking through the gardens of the Villa Monastero I decided to go for a cup of Italian espresso at Caffe Varenna, there you can also buy delicious cookies in the shape of the Lago di Como, which resembles the letter Y. It was an unforgettable experience to admire the lake whilst drinking the espresso. After this relaxing moment, I've done a bit more sightseeing and visited the church of San Giorgio, built on the XIV century, which still has some original medieval frescoes.

It was already 2 pm when I went for lunch. I've chosen the most traditional restaurant in the village, the cosy Crotto do Pino, where the chef Fábio Benvegnù and his family received me with a warm smile. I ordered a delicious grilled fish with salad and I loved. I really miss the place and I hope to go back there once again. Fábio's father was really kind to drive me back to the train station!

Instead of going back directly to Milan I've decided to make a short stop in Lecco, as it was on my way to the capital. I had a great time in this town admiring the sunset whilst drinking an Italian gelato. The mountains of Lecco are breathtakingly beautiful.

I had a fantastic day in Lago di Como and I hope you can also have as much fun as I had. Follow my tips and you will not regret ;)

Sunset in Varenna

art in lago di como
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Lago di Como Italy landscape

Biscuits of Lago di Como

Crotto do Pino

Where Naboo was filmed

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