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Cycling in Belgium

On the 5th of  February from 1930 Albert Einstein sent a letter to his son, in one of the paragraphs he wrote: Beim Menschen ist es wie beim Velo. Nur wenn er faehrt, kann er bequem die Balance halten. It translates to more or less: (...) it is the same with people as it is with riding a bike. Only when moving can one comfortably maintain balance.

My fiancé's hobby is cycling and I love photography, thus: nothing better for us than to go on cycling trips to explore Belgium while taking pictures. It's amazing to discover new cities and landscapes. It's especially nice to do this trips around our city, Leuven, as the tourism department give us all the support, from special maps to traffic signs related to the chosen rote. 

The last trip we did requires a bit of physical preparation and is recommended for experienced people, as the terrain is hilly during certain points of the route. However, we saw many tourists cycling on electrical bikes, what is convenient for seniors. The name of this route is "Hageland Hills" (36 KM). You can download a brochure with all the details about it on the website of Leuven. 

It was great to pass by peaceful fields, apple trees plantation and, last but not least, to visit the Kasteel Van Horst, which was originally built in the 13th century. Around the castle you can also find a bar (where you can also buy homemade bread ) and tables for a picnic, making this place ideal for your lunch break! So, what are you waiting for to keep your balance? Let's do it!

Cycling in Belgium

Cycling in Belgium

Cycling in Belgium

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