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Travelling in Brazil: Itamambuca Beach

 Hello folks!

Today I'm going to share with you some of the most beautiful and safe places to visit on the São Paulo state coastline: Itamambuca. The village is located on the north of Ubatuba Beach and its usually visited by surfers and tourist in search of silence, nature and peace. 

Itamambuca Beach
The inhabitants of Itamambuca are keen to keep the fantastic Mata Atlantica as protected as possible. In order to achieve this goal they developed their own sustainable waste management and greenhouses to growth and replant the original trees. Furthermore, they also keep a lovely public library and eco-track with information about the vegetation and their beautiful species of rare births. 

From a luxury resort to an eco bread-and-breakfast, I'm sure you will find a suitable option matching your style. No matter which option you choose, you will have access to all the eco-sports facilities provided by the local surf school.

I don't like crowded places and I also tend to avoid high temperatures. If you are like me: I strongly advise you to visit Itamambuca during the Brazilian winter. I went in August and even though I could enjoy pleasant temperatures.

Itamambuca BeachExtra bits of advice: 

- Visit the Projeto Tamar in Ubatuba, it's a fantastic NGO which protects sea turtles from extinction. 

- Rent a car in São Paulo Capital to go to Itamambuca or go by bus to Ubatuba and then take a taxi to  Itamambuca. However, if you speak Portuguese, you can easily manage to take a local bus to from Ubatuba to Itamambuca (I did it and it was ok!). 

- Do not walk or cycle on the motorway to visit the neighbour villages. If you want to visit other places call up a taxi or take a bus. 

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