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Travelling in Brazil: Itamambuca Beach

 Hello everyone!

Today, I'm excited to share some of the most enchanting and secure destinations along the São Paulo state coastline: Itamambuca. Located in the north of Ubatuba Beach, this quaint village is a haven for surfers and travellers seeking serenity, nature, and tranquillity.

Itamambuca Beach
They've implemented sustainable waste management practices and established greenhouses to cultivate and replenish the native trees. Additionally, the village boasts a charming public library and eco-trail, offering insights into the local vegetation and rare bird species.

Whether you prefer luxury resort or an eco bread-and-breakfast, I'm sure you will find a suitable option matching your style. you'll find accommodations that suit your tastes. And no matter where you stay, you'll have access to the array of eco-sports facilities provided by the local surf school.

I personally prefer quieter destinations and milder temperatures. If you share my preferences, I highly recommend visiting Itamambuca during the Brazilian winter. I visited in August and found the weather quite pleasant.

Itamambuca BeachExtra bits of advice: 

- Don't miss the opportunity to visit Projeto Tamar in Ubatuba, a remarkable NGO dedicated to protecting sea turtles from extinction.

- Consider renting a car in São Paulo Capital for easy access to Itamambuca. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Ubatuba and then a taxi to Itamambuca. If you're comfortable with Portuguese, taking a local bus from Ubatuba to Itamambuca is also a viable option (I did it and it was fine!).

- Avoid walking or cycling on the motorway to neighbouring villages. Instead, opt for a taxi or bus if you wish to explore other areas.

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