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A day in Brighton

Hello Folks!

As you may already know, I'm currently living in England and, as this adventure will last only a few months, I’ve had and decided to make the most of it. Meaning, I'm enjoying every single weekend to explore and visit new British cities! 

Brighton is one of those places I've been crazy to go since I live in Europe, so for me, visiting this city was a dream come true. To my surprise, the place is more beautiful than I could expect, from the higgledy-piggledy bohemian lanes to the lovely pier, I fell in love with the city. Christian and I decided to hop on the train and it took us about 2 hours and a half to arrive in Brighton from Southampton. Usually, this trip takes one hour and fifty minutes, however, part of the rails were blocked that day and everybody was transferred to a bus. In the end, everything was fine and the rail company managed to drive us to Brighton Central Station. Thus, if the rail gets blocked whilst you're traveling in the UK, don't worry, they will find a way to solve the problem!

As the weather has been so glorious during the beginning of this autumn we could enjoy the sunlight and the sweet breeze when walking through the lanes and the seaside. Our first stop was the North Lane area, the bohemian spirit of its inhabitants and shops is absolutely delightful, we loved every corner of this place. For us the highlight of North Lanes was to find a marked called Infinity Foods, there we found a huge selection of organic and vegetarian products, from food to cosmetics, cleaning, and baby products. It was also in this market that I bought a delicious vegan pizza for only £2,50. Oh, it would be great to have Infinity Foods in Belgium!

The second spot of our itinerary was to visit the BA i360, a futuristic glass viewing pod designed by Marks Barfield Architects, creators of the London Eye. However, as we had a limited amount of time, we decided to skip going up with the elevator and we've just admired the construction from outside. From there we walked on the seaside to the pier, enjoying the sea and the sun. We even stopped halfway through for a seafood salad from one of the adorable food kiosks around the area.

I totally fell in love with the Brighton Palace Pier since one of my YouTubers visited the place (Oh, yes, Brighton is the perfect backdrop to all our favourite YouTubers). It's fantastic to sit and relax on their striped chairs to feel the breeze. For everybody looking for a little adventure: The pier hosts one of the oldest amusement parks in England. Despite my appetite for adrenaline, the park was not the highlight of my day. Even though, I do recommend a visit to the Pier Palace, which was built in 1899 and still contains a bit the spa resort spirit of the old Brighton.

Our fourth tourist spot was the Royal Pavillion, which was built as a seaside retreat for the king Geroge IV in 1787. This is one of the most exotic palaces in the UK, mixing British, Indian and Chinese architectural styles. After visiting the Pavillion we went to explore an area called The Lanes, an interesting place full of historical twisting alleyways, in which we found several fancy and independent boutiques. Outstanding here was the store Choccywoccydoodah, firstly because I'm a chocoholic and secondly because of their absolute fantastic and scary Halloween decoration!

It was a lovely experience to stay wandered around Brighton, we had no previous planning and we've just decided to explore the city by ourselves. I'm still impressed by the fact we could manage to see so many attractions in such a short period of time. In the past, I didn't like to visit places without a proper planning, I was researching everything, from the history of the city to the names of the main streets. However, since last year, I'm regularly on spontaneous trips and enjoy it. It can be so relaxing to have a little time out from my daily routine!

Extra tips |  If you're a liberal person searching for a place to visit in England, I’d highly recommend Brighton. It's the ideal place to find like-minded young people. If I could choose, it would definitively be my first goal to go to in the UK. It's also obvious, so far, that Brighton was my favourite city for a weekend break!

A day in Brighton - UK

A day in Brighton - UK

A day in Brighton - UK

A day in Brighton - UK

Vegan shop in Brighton

A day in Brighton - UK

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