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Travelling in France: Saint Victor la Coste

Hello folks!

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I was in France the last month. It's absolutely no secret that the Bourbon's land was always my favourite country and that I have a special passion for the French lifestyle. One of my dreams is to purchase a summer house in France. 

I had many lovely moments during this trip, from taking my husband to his first visit to Versailles to meeting my friend Letícia and her fiancé in Paris. However, the most special one was to celebrate the wedding of my friend Clara in Saint Victor la Coste. We had a glorious week in the village and the ceremony was breathtakingly beautiful. Once again I would like to thank Clara and her husband's family for their hospitality and for sharing this special moment with Christian and me. 

Saint Victor la Coste is a commune in the Gard department, between Avignon and Uzès. The city's history dates back to pre-historic times, as traces of human settlements have been found around the village. Part of those traces, bones and vases, were found in the mountain by the family of Clara's husband. I had the privilege of seeing one of the bones, which is still in possession of the family. Saint Victor also faced a Roman invasion, remains of a Roman road are still there. Furthermore, the city is mainly known for its medieval times. During the XII century, the prestigious house of Sabran decided to build their château fort, known nowadays as Le Castellas, in the rocky mountain of the village, to demonstrate their power and to protect the vallée du Rhône region from external invaders.

The sun was shining during the most part of our days, creating the perfect scenario for us to explore the area. I loved to walk through the lanes and the village houses made of stone were so idyllic. Saint Victor was more than a beautiful place and a beautiful wedding for me, it was, in fact, an open door to a better understanding of the French culture. It was great to see how special and friendly the locals are. They truly celebrate the good life, the savoir-vivre. I could feel this through the nice relaxed vibe of the dinners and the way they care about wine and food.

Talking about food, whilst you're in Sint Victor: do never forget to drink your Luc Pélaquié, they are very proud of their wine and you should definitely give it a try, it's delicious! I regret not bringing some bottles in my suitcase... But it does not matter, as I forgot my pair of socks there I will come back to the village ;)

Saint Victor la Coste

Saint Victor la Coste

Saint Victor la Coste

Saint Victor la Coste

Saint Victor la Coste

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